Introduction: Do people even read these?

Seriously, how often does that happen: you eagerly open a fresh, new book, only to find a 30 page-long introduction or worse- a prologue you have no time nor mood to read. I almost feel like there is something about us, humans, that psychologically drives us to cut the BS and dive right in.

I always feel a little bad and sorry for the author, who put in the effort and wrote the introduction (or worse, a prologue) just skipping it. Well, I guess karma exists, because here I am, anxiously writing an introduction (not a prologue) to my blog, worrying people are going to skip it (provided they even visit this blog).

My name is Daniel and I am an active portfolio manager with over 15 years of experience in the industry, managing around $500+ million and… Oh shoot! I’m daydreaming again. And already in my introduction! Let’s be for real now. My name really is Daniel, I’m studying for my master’s degree in “Banking and finance” in Zurich, Switzerland , but I’m not an active portfolio manager yet, however, I aspire to become one (omg, another “Wolf of Wall Street” wannabe, amirite?). If you are thinking that, I completely understand, but no, I am not on my way to become Jordan Belfort 2.0. My focus is on becoming “Warren Buffett-style” value investor- you know, researching companies, estimating their value and comparing it to the current market price, nonchalantly acquiring a company for $50 billion.. just the usual stuff.

If you made it here you might be asking yourself “Well and why should I care? There are thousands of blogs like this”. The answer is: you are right. There really are thousands of blogs like this and you won’t care unless you decide to. Warren Buffett brings value to his shareholders at Berkshire by, well, buying value at a discount. I can (hopefully) bring value to you by exploring and explaining topics related to value investing in layman’s words, recommending books, etc. Moreover, I will be researching companies on the market and if I find value in them, I will buy their stock. If you sign up for the newsletter (please do), you will receive my analysis I act upon for free (it’s a great training for my future career, hopefully).

Since I do not manage the above mentioned $500 million, but a little less (approximately million times less) my stakes won’t be high. Anyways, I believe in putting my money (literally) where my mouth is. By the words of Nassim Taleb, I will be putting my “Skin in the Game”. Good book by the way.
To all the tenacious readers, who made it till the end (thanks mom and dad), thank you. I am not good at goodbyes, so I’ll leave it at that. More is to come, stay tuned, stay vigilant.