I believe in creating wealth in a safe, rational and consistent manner. There are many ways to do it, but for me value investing is the right answer- buying excellent companies, managed by competent people for a good price.

Well, if you want to partake on such wealth-building journey, I invite you to sign-up through my referral link to the trading platform eToro, which offers you not only commission-free buying (yes, you pay no fees when buying stocks), but also the option to directly copy my trades. That means, you can own the same stocks as I do, without having to worry about pick and manage them yourself.

I am an official eToro Popular and Value Investor, which means I take great care in my picks and have to adhere a certain code of conduct.

My referral link

Advantages of eToro Platform:

  • low minimum deposit (depending on your country, mostly around $200)
  • owning partial shares (you can buy a fraction of stock with higher nominal price, i.e. Google, which costs around $1700 can be bought only with $50)
  • the ability to copy my value picks
  • very easy and quick sign-up and deposit


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